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Our goal is to adopt horses and other animals into wonderful loving homes. Our horses have veterinarian and trainer evaluations and a full disclosure on any behavior problems that we are aware of. If a horse is not the right match it can be returned to our shelter.

When considering a rescue animal we cannot forget that they require an adjustment period. Please read this link of the

3-3-3 rule  before filling out the adoption application to make sure you are willing to allow your rescue animal the proper adjustment time. 

If you are interested in adopting one of our equines, please follow the steps below:

1. Submit your Adoption Application

2. We do require home checks. 

We follow the AAEP Guidelines when we do home checks. We are looking for safe facilities, shelter, appropriate turn out  and companionship, as well as the overall health of the other animals. If you need help or suggestions to help prepare your home for your new family member we are always here to help and answer all the questions you have. 

3. Schedule an Appointment to come meet the equine.

Visitation is by APPOINTMENT ONLY. We do not have standard hours and we do not accept walk in appointments. A RKER Representative must approve the suitability of the horse for the situation, home and applicant’s skill level. If we do not have a horse currently that fits you we will do our best to find one in the future for you. 

Appointments do not mean you are guaranteed an adoption of a horse. 

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