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Horse Sponsor

Sponsor a Horse. 

Sponsorships for horses are $250/ month.  You can cover the full cost of the horse, or you can split it with a friend if you'd like.  Everything helps in the rescue world. You will get updates on the horse you sponsored and, if the horse is able to do it, you will get a special Thank You in the mail from your sponsored horse. 


Farrier Sponsor 

Sponsors a trim and horses getting shod.

$60 for a trim and $120 for half shoe and it goes up from there if they need special shoes or full set!

When you sponsor a horse we will send you a hand painted shoe with their name on it!

Please consider sponsoring a horse to get their feeding! It’s about 1000-1200 every 4 weeks depending on how many horses we have!

Various ways to DONATE

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