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Horse Sponsor

Sponsor a Horse. 

Sponsorships for horses are $250/ month.  You can cover the full cost of the horse, or you can split it with a friend if you'd like.  Everything helps in the rescue world. You will get updates on the horse you sponsored and, if the horse is able to do it, you will get a special Thank You in the mail from your sponsored horse. 

Animal Sponsor Form


Auction Sponsor 

Rockin Kt Equine Redemption is working to end the “kill pen industry”. Often owners who are facing economic hardship, or difficulties during the winter months, will take their horses to

auctions where they run the risk of being purchased by “kill buyers” who haul the horses to Mexico or Canada to be inhumanely slaughtered.


We try to go to auction every Tuesday to save as many horses as possible from these kill buyers.

Every one we save, is one less the kill buyers get to fill their trucks. If they don’t fill their trucks, the out-of-country trip is not profitable to them. The horses at auction are often in rough shape and will require additional veterinarian and farrier intervention, along with supplemental feed, to help them recover. .


Join us in our fight to end the kill pen industry. Please become a monthly sponsor to help us rescue and rehabilitate these horses.

Auction Sponsor

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