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Help Rescue, Rehab, and Protect Horses  🦄 

Give Now! 

 Text RKER to 89871 



Zelle: 775.750.0379

Donate directly to Tractor Supply: 775.356.3595

Donate directly to Cal Ranch: 775.525.3737

By mail:


25 Chuckwagon Rd

Reno, Nevada 89508

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Chewy Wish List

Other Ways to Donate:  HERE

Rockin Kt Equine Redemption is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization & has been rescuing horses since 2019.

Tax ID #84-3140145

RKER holds a Gold Level Seal with GuideStar

Things we need:

Big hay bales are $300.  We go through about 12 a month.  

Donate directly to:   Murry Ranch Hay and Feed  775.848.9086. 

Small hay bales are $20.  

Donate directly to:  Martins  530.260.1437


Physical donations are always a huge help!  

Donate directly to Cal Ranch: 775.525.3737

Body Brushes SKU: 6805012

Brush bag SKU: 6803408

Curry comb SKU: 6805002

Fly Spray SKU: 5244210

Horse treats SKU: 348020

Ivermectin SKU: 399001

Lead ropes SKU: 6876-6002

Plastic Durafork

SKU: Miller-PDF1

Rice bran SKU: 348037

Rope halters SKU: 6871015 or 6876416

Senior SKU: 348023

Shavings SKU: 480003

Shaving pellets SKU: 480100

Stall mats SKU: 6821001

Timothy/Alfalfa pellets SKU: 378013

4.2 gallon gorllia buckets SKU: TUFF-F

Behlen open top feeder SKU: 2712039

Donate Directly to Tractor Supply: 775.356.3595

Rice Bran SKU: 107916799

Beet Pulp SKU: 512178899

DuMor Horse Block SKU: 159178099

Equine Choice T/O SKU: 521795399

Fortex 2 gal pan SKU: 222335399

Ivermectin SKU: 501876599

Junior SKU: 280073199

Pitchfork SKU: 501503499

ProbiOS SKU: 507043299

Salt Lick SKU: 251650299

Sand Clear SKU: 502208199

Senior SKU: 106018199

Timothy Pellets SKU: 512181999

Trace mineral SKU: 251658699 

Thrush Buster SKU: 511588499

Vet Wrap  SKU: 505141299

16% Protein Tub 200lbs SKU: 251274499

We are also in need of things from Home Depot and Lowes, if you would like to donate please contact us! 



Rusty Old Truck

Do you have a junk car laying around that you just don't know what to do with? 

Want to give to a good cause while getting rid of your junk car? Consider contacting CARS to donate your junk car to our rescue! They will come pick it up and send you a tax deductible receipt for your car once it is sold and we get a big percentage of the proceeds. 

Donate HERE

Junk Cars

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