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Owner Surrenders

Rockin Kt Equine Redemption is an open door horse rescue. We

do not ever turn away an equine regardless of condition, age or

location. We also accept surrenders of horses needing the last

act of kindness if they have reached the end of their natural life

or are having quality of life issues.  


Because RKER is an open door Full Circle of Life rescue, we do

ask for a surrender fee of $500 per horse. This fee is not

required, but suggested. Paid surrenders can be accepted to the

rescue as soon as the brand inspection is completed. If you

cannot pay the fee, the horse will still be accepted, but only as

space and funds allow. Wait times can range from 2-14 days.

Surrender fees go directly to veterinarian, farrier and feeding

expenses of that horse while it is with RKER.


Horses can always be delivered to RKER by appointment.

Horses requiring pickup will need to be scheduled as time

allows. We are fully volunteer supported with transportation so

your patience is appreciated. If you need your horse picked up

more urgently our professional transporter can pick up your

horse, within 48 hours of brand inspection completion, for $1.25

per loaded mile.

Owner Surrender 



We try to help every animal all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. We want to make sure every animal and adopter feels safe and comfortable with us. Here at RKER the happiness of the horses are our main priority. Your surrendered animal will stay with us as long as needed to find their forever home. 


If the equine cannot be adopted into the public we will do everything in our power to find a sanctuary that fits the horse's need or the equine will stay with us until their next stage of life. 


Other owner surrenders

As we know there are many other available places for people to surrender animals. However, we know that they are all filling up fast. We are available to help in any way possible. If we cannot take the animal in we will do our best to help you find a place.
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